Night Flight

artists will meander 
spaceports on the moon,
photographing ships,
while Earth 
is in the background.

Picture from Space

Not exactly sure how I got photo to come out looking as if I took it while floating around in a spacecraft.  I was still on Earth at the time as I lent my ship to a friend (If you see him, let him know I want it back.  He's short, slender, with big eyes).

That's Jupiter.  The yellow glow is from a streetlight.

Red Skies Over Davis

Beautiful skies tonight in Davis, CA.  (It's curious that we can pluralize "sky."  Is there really more than one?)
Here's a good explanation of what causes a red sky at sunset.  TLDR: light from a setting sun travels through more atmosphere which scatters away the high frequencies, leaving only low frequency light(red).

Still not sure why it happens so often here in the central valley though.  I would think it's particulate matter from wood smoke, but I've checked and the counts are low today.

A Prank Call Today

Received a prank call today.

They asked if I knew where the wild things are?  I said, "Yes.  Sail across the ocean, in and out of weeks for over a year."  They got a kick out of that, and so did I.

But sadly, they suddenly turned crude:  "My mom says I have chlamydia, what does that mean?"

My reply: "It means you're a Wild Thing."

AC/DC Knows How Long it is to the Top